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Partnering with Schools

Get your students ready to achieve their dreams after graduation!

Choosing a career path is daunting, especially for young people still at school. They need support to explore and understand how their skills, abilities and values fit into their ideal career choice.

If you’re a school or educational institution looking for a Career Coach:

  • ​our services can be customised to meet your requirements and ethos

  • we empower students to make a career choice right for them

  • we can deliver a work experience program for students and co-ordinate job-placement opportunities
  • we can help you to achieve your strategic goals

  • we are cost-effective!

Coaching can be either face-to-face or tele-coaching. Tele-coaching is a career coaching session that takes place over Zoom. This enables you to be coached from any place in the world and is very time efficient as you don't need to leave your home or place of work to receive coaching.

partnering with schools
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