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Workplace Assistance

We work together on creating a plan of action with steps to enable you to find and keep a job in the open or supported labour market.


This may include supports to:

  • unpack the career assessment results to understand what work would suit you best

  • coaching and training that includes:

    • pre-work support to create a successful outcome

    • teamwork skills

    • communication skills

    • problem-solving

    • understand employer expectations

    • troubleshooting pre and during employment to ensure success in the workplace

    • job customisation to meet the needs of the employee

    • supports to transition from an Australian Disability Enterprise (ADE) to open employment;

    • develop a career plan; and

    • any other assistance needed to create a successful engagement in a Disability Employment Service (DES).

  • Employment Support 

    • Provide support and assistance to the employee on the job

  • Discovery session

    • Unpack what work would mean for the individual and uncover needs, challenges and strategies for success.

  • Build essential foundation skills for work

    • Assess experience in the workplace and identify gaps in knowledge and understanding of workplace expectations

  • Managing complex barriers to obtaining and sustaining employment

    • Troubleshooting and providing support to both the employer and employee to support the placement aiming for success.

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