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NDIS Service Provider

Everyone has access to well-suited, meaningful employment to fulfill their life purpose

How we can assist you with Finding and Keeping a Job


Employment Related Assessment & Counselling

Capacity Building - Employment - 10_011_0128_5_3

  • One-to-one coaching and assessments to determine the most suitable job for you

Workplace Assistance

Capacity Building - Employment Support - 10_016_0102_5_3

  • Employment Support

  • Discovery session

  • Build essential foundation skills for work

  • Managing complex barriers to obtaining and sustaining employment


School Leaver Employment Supports (SLES)

Capacity Building SLES - 10_021_0102_5_3 no rate, so use 10_011_0128_5_3

  • Capacity building supports for students transitioning from school to employment

  • Plan and implement a pathway to inclusive employment, focusing on capacity building for goal achievement

  • “try and test” work experience

  • Capacity building should focus on hard and soft skill development

  • Facilitate positive experiences that contribute to developing an understanding of work capability and confidence


Improved Learning

Capacity Building, Improved Learning - 13_030_0102_4_3

  • Skills training, advice, assistance with arrangements, and orientation moving from school to further education

  • Delivery can be one-on-one or to a group of participants

We are an NDIS Service Provider helping NDIS Participants (Self and Plan Managed) achieve their employment and career goals.


We believe in helping everyone find and secure employment that suits their lifestyle and goals. We are passionate about supporting the employment process, as we understand the value of being employed, as it can give a sense of achievement, satisfaction, and inclusion.

Through employment, you can build your skills, work in a team, make new friends and gain satisfaction in making a contribution. Our approach is to listen and understand what you are looking for and help you to identify the best options, matching you with suitable employers and to provide the emotional and practical support to make your goals a reality.

Coaching can be either face-to-face or tele-coaching. Tele-coaching is a career coaching session that takes place over Zoom. This enables you to be coached from any place in the world and is very time efficient as you don't need to leave your home or place of work to receive coaching.

To start your journey please complete our NDIS Referral Form.

For additional information download our free NDIS brochure.

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