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Our Student Career Coaching sessions are individually tailored for you with the clear intent of identifying the career path that “best suits you”. We do this by investigating your interests, aptitudes, character strengths, personality type, and career goals. Career Coaching includes:

  • Completion of an in-depth online Career Assessment Tool which defines your specific interests, profile, aptitudes, and career suggestions

  • Completion of TWO individualized online surveys – designed to define your Character Strengths and Personality Type

  • Three one-hour sessions to unpack all of this information and create your individualized Career Action Plan

  • Subject selection advice to align with career goals

  • Work experience advice to explore career options

  • Secure shared Google Drive folder that holds your surveys and your individualized Career Action Plan

  • Secure shared Mind-Map to visually illustrate your survey results and next steps

Coaching can be either face-to-face or tele-coaching. Tele-coaching is a career coaching session that takes place over Zoom. This enables you to be coached from any place in the world and is very time efficient as you don't need to leave your home or place of work to receive coaching.

student career planning

Student Career Planning

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